Mobile App based POS System

Multimo is an app-based POS system which also comes handy for effectively completing any sort of financial transaction. This app is user-friendly and it can be quickly and conveniently downloaded on a range of handheld and tabletop devices. You can create a store and accept payments within no time.

One of the commendable consequences of the demonetization drive has been the emergence and thriving of the cashless/electronic/digital transaction systems that have spelled numerous benefits for the man on the street as well as businesses, large and small. Multimo supports this by something called UNIPAY or Universal Payment System.

Who should be using Multimo?

The Multimo multi-channel POS can be used to the hilt by a wide range of merchants with various business needs having diverse economic and socio-cultural backgrounds. A typical customer of the Multimo POS app would in most likelihoods, be a Business owner (Both small firms and large firms) who need to accept payments from customers on a day to day basis. One of the key features of our app is that a customer doesn’t need to download the app.

Benefits of Using Multimo

The platform can be a great tool for both the retailers as well as their customers. It would help in customizing the point of sale and enhancing the image of the store with respect to technology and customer experience. Hence, a business can create a whole new experience while concurrently adding convenience for its customers.

Business/Store Owner

  • Simple to Install on an Android phones or tablets and start receiving payments
  • Cloud-based POS offering real-time updates
  • Highly secured even if the hardware gets damaged
  • Compatible with multiple platforms & systems
  • GST computation
  • Inventory Management
  • Credit Facility
  • No Hardware needed
  • Electronic Bill Keeping & Ledger Management


  • Accept payments anywhere you are selling, no dedicated payment space needed
  • No long queues and adds convenience to operations as well as the customer
  • Advanced technology that enhances product knowledge of the employees too
  • Use wireless barcode scanners, printers & cash drawers

Reporting & Inventory Management

  • Transfer & Sell products across different locations simultaneously
  • Manage operations remotely
  • Track sales and analyze store performance from anywhere you are connected


  • Add convenience to make payments (Cashless) with UNIPAY
  • Reduce the waiting time and long queues while making payments
  • Maintain dedicated profiles of the customer that offers details about their purchase, contact information, etc.
  • Offer Secured Payment processing systems
  • No need to download the app, only merchant needs to have it

Every returning customer means you are building a strong relationship and proves that the customer matters to you. Having a Mobile App Based POS would further contribute in enhancing your appeal to the customers. Additionally, the ease of payment would attract more and more customers to try your products or services.

Key Features of UNIPAY

  • Customers can pay from their choice of wallets or Banking Applications
  • Your customer doesn’t need to download the App
  • Multi-channels for transacting by UPI, Aadhar Pay, Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card, Wallets & Cash Ledger Management
  • QR Based payments for ease of use by the customer
  • Immediate payment status update for security
  • Credit/Debit card payments without swiping on a hardware
  • Electronic Bill copies for customers of the business owners
  • GST management & Billing
Professional Team Of Tax Consultants Who Assist In Filing GST Reports

GST or goods and services tax is a single-point indirect taxation system which came into effect in India from 1st July 2017. It was introduced with the overarching objective of replacing a succession of levies hitherto charged by the central government and states. GST as a unified tax arrangement replaced the archaic tax structure in the country that was littered with multiple loopholes, giving individuals and institutions the opportunity to indulge in unfair practices. Multimo is an advanced and sophisticated multichannel mobile POS app which was devised following the promulgation of demonetization by the incumbent government in 2016 on 8th November.

The Multimo app offers numerous benefits including a simple web-based registration procedure, multiple channel payment/transaction facility, and so on. The app also facilitates the filing of GST statements and reports, thanks to its banking on the efficient services of an experienced and skilled group of tax consultants.

Customers who can benefit from using the Multimo app for filing GST reports

The introduction of GST, it is expected will bring about a sweeping transformation in the realm pertaining to taxation. The new tax system will render the filing of periodic taxation reports and returns easier and more transparent. Neither will firms and companies regardless of their size and nature of business be able to evade the payment of duties and levies nor will the government be deprived of revenues accruing from taxes.

The Multimo GST filing system will enable everybody and anybody involved in trading, manufacturing, servicing or reselling or promotional activity to file returns through this platform without any hassles. Any and every registered business can take advantage of the Multimo App for filing GST reports including a:

  • Trader
  • Reseller
  • Retailer
  • Wholesaler
  • Consultancy firms
  • Engineering companies
  • Manufacturing concerns
  • Service providers
  • Merchants
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Multinational & Transnational Corporations

As a matter of fact, any business registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1956 and 2013 or any incorporated company can be a merchant using Multimo.

Advantages of Using Multimo for filing GST returns

Any registered company will have to file GST returns thrice in a month and one annual return using the digital Multimo apps platform. Following are some of the benefits you stand to reap from using the system:-

  • Streamline filing through an advanced platform: Since the Multimo app was designed and created soon after the PM proclaimed the demonetization drive, the platform is equipped with all the features of a cashless transaction system. So, you can take it for granted that your filing process will be convenient as the mechanism is streamlined and standardized.
  • Multiple payment modes or channels: Multimo comes loaded with an array of payment modes or systems including but not limited to CC, UPI, net/online banking, Aadhar Pay, DC and cash. You will simply be spoilt for choice.

Advice and suggestions from a team of ace tax consultants: You will have the incentive of consulting with a tax advisor who will help you out if you have any issue or issues related to submitting your return. Our consultants can also pay GST for you.

Multiple Channel Payment Solutions

Multimo is a state-of-the-art multimodal payment POS app that was innovated following the demonetization drive that went underway in 2016. The app functions as an immaculate digital tool in helping customers link up with merchants and businesses and vice versa. Countless number of users comprising customers, traders, retailers, wholesalers, e-commerce sites, and web-based retailing outlets, are registered with Multimo for making and receiving payments.

The Multimo mobile app oriented POS mechanism benefits an array of users in multiple ways. Once you register with the app, the registration procedure is incredibly convenient and can be completed quickly by fulfilling routine formalities. You are poised to benefit from numerous advantages. For a start, you can choose from a slew of payment gateways and pleasantly enough, you do not have to pay any processing fee for any transaction conducted on the platform.

Targeted Customers

The Multimo app point-of-sale system furnishes all users and customers the convenience of making payments and receiving money quickly and without the niggling worry of a failed transaction. A customer doesn’t need to download the app on his or her smartphone.  The app is very user-friendly which means that the same can be easily downloaded on a smartphone or tab or any internet enabled device running on Android. All transactions carried out via debit or credit cards are fully secured as the service provider uses servers encrypted with SSL technology.

All payments are corroborated in real-time and merchants have to sign up only once either through the Multimo app or by going online and logging into the service provider’s official site. Only the merchants need to have this app on their smartphones. The app since it was created has garnered infinite customers both proprietors and institutional:

  • Shopping sites
  • Departmental Stores
  • Traders
  • Retailers
  • Merchants
  • Resellers
  • Wholesalers
  • Businesspersons
  • Small firms and businesses

Advantages of Using Multimo

  • Enhances Conversions: This multichannel POS app has been designed in such a way that the platform lets you personalize your payment webpage in your own way. The availability of a wide array of payment gateways implies that you can offer your customers multiple options when it comes to transacting thereby enhancing the possibilities of converting prospects into steadfast customers. You get to make the most of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities as well.
  • The flexibility to add services on an as you go basis: The flexibility of the Multimo app means that you can begin only with what you require right now. As your business prospers and expands, you have the leeway to add new payment channels, services and methods.
  • Foraying and expanding into new markets: Make the most of the different payment methods, currency, and languages used in a specific country or geographical zone in order to venture and promote your brand in new markets.
  • Safety: No physical need to take the credit card from the customer. Multimo can send an SMS and the customer will have to fill the CC details on a secured webpage without having to physically exchange the card, thereby enhancing safety and peace of mind. It is an ultimate secured platform for all your transaction needs.
Simple And Convenient Online Registration Process

The most popular app-based POS systems are those that tend to be very user-friendly in every sense of the term. Simply put, the most extensively used POS platforms are easily and quickly downloadable, affordable to use on a consistent basis as well as help complete other crucial tasks, besides processing sales orders and receiving payments. Multimo is one such apps-oriented POS system that has been designed innovatively, enabling the software to be conveniently and speedily downloaded on Android as well as iOS-based handheld and tabletop devices.

Multimo is an incredibly versatile POS system that can be taken full advantage of, especially by retail outlets and stores as well as small businesses as the same can be installed effortlessly on a smartphone, tab, iPad or iPhone. Since it is cloud based, departmental and vending stores can access real-time updates whenever they need to. Transactions carried out using Multimo POS and sensitive or classified data are fully secured as the system’s servers make use of SSL encryption technology.

Once you install the Multimo app, not only will you be able to smoothly process sales orders and receive payments but also sell your wares across multiple store locations, review sales data, supervise inventory, customers, and employees expediently. The system is stupendously flexible and resourceful allowing it to be integrated with loyalty programs and email marketing for the sake of customer support, thus helping you to develop your business.

User-friendly online registration process

Multimo POS app is amazingly adaptable plug-and-play software which means downloading the same is a breeze on any Android/iOS smartphone or tab or any intuitive wireless device. The app functions as a digital cash register or e-POS which makes it supremely suitable to be used by all types of retailers and smalltime businesses. All you need to get started is an iPad or iPhone (or any Android smartphone or tab), a barcode scanner, receipt printer, and a cash drawer.

The service provider offers the package that contains all necessary hardware for you to be up and running in no time once you open the pack and plug the hardware into the existing Wi-Fi setup. You do not need to be tech-savvy to complete the installation process:-

  • Sign up with the POS service and look for the Multimo newsletter in your inbox
  • Choose any of the POS packages and opt for a trial offer (free of cost)
  • Set up your web-based outlet by following simple installation guidelines
  • Download the Multimo app on your tab or smartphone after you have organized the retail infrastructure and are ready to sell
  • Set up the barcode scanner, receipt printer, and cash register and start selling

  What makes Multimo the most versatile POS for retail stores and small business?

  • Transparent rules and regulations with regards to contracts
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Minimal monthly fees for subscribing to a package
  • Options for merchant services
  • Backend features including inventory management and reporting
  • Industry-specific tools, for instance shopping carts for e-commerce stores
  • Fast integrations with third-parties
  • Several options for customization

Excellent customer service features

Business Accounting & Filing GST Reports

The Multimo POS is a multifaceted smartphone-based app that can be harnessed for conducting transactions, tracking sales orders, supervising inventory, and uploading customer loyalty programs. Additionally, this POS software is also capable of fulfilling a retail store’s bookkeeping, GST filing, and numerous other accounting functions and needs. Towards this end, Multimo serves as a full-fledged accounting and GST-ready apps that allows retail outlets, restaurants, food courts, bakeries, and other smalltime commercial outfits to prepare bookkeeping reports, coordinate with the bank, send invoices, and so on.

If you are in charge of a small business or trading store, you can do away with the paper-based bookkeeping and accounting which takes up so much of your valuable time and resources, and hence obsolete nowadays. Switching to the Multimo POS system will enable you to reap a host of benefits. For a start, you’ll be able to save on time and resources (both monetary and human) devoting the same towards your core business.

Secondly, operations will become more streamlined and transparent as unfair practices like under-invoicing and non-payment of taxes will be plugged. This app lets you keep a track of every penny that you receive or spend in the form of online debit and credit entries.

Multimo Comes Perfectly Handy for Completing All Accounting Obligations

Developers of the Multimo app were fully aware that a one-size-fits-all perspective may not work when it comes to accounting practices with regards to bookkeeping needs of small commercial outfits and stores. Therefore, they developed an adaptable app that could be customized for specific or personal business needs. Multimo comes to your aid when you need to prepare invoices, ledger book, income and expenses statement, trial balance, cash flow statement, balance sheet, and so on.

Manage your sales

Carry out all sales and invoicing transactions with speed as well as stay updated on total sales and sales return. Keep continuous track of each and every transaction, and maintain your own ledger book, profit & loss account, bank statement, assets & liabilities statement, cash flow, and balance sheet.

Maintain customer and supplier registers

Multimo registers and directories allow to create summarized backups of all transactions, outstanding balances, and contacts

Tax management becomes a breeze

A tax consultant will help you with keeping single and multiple taxes, exclusive and inclusive taxes on your fingertips

Manage your accounting reports via analytics tool

Make the most of back-office, storefront, and accounting analytics tool to further your business

File GST returns

Submit all your GST invoices and reports in a hassle free manner

Why Should You Go For the Multimo App For Your Accounting Requirements?

  1. GST compatible
  2. Convenient installation
  3. Scalable for multicurrency billing
  4. Automated payment reminders
  5. Extraordinarily customizable
  6. Collaborative
Cloud-Based End-To-End Order Management & Billing Solutions

The Multimo POS system is an advanced multifunctional mobile-based app that comes handy for conducting a wide range of commercial tasks, besides serving as a digital transaction platform. Preparing and processing sales orders as well as generating invoices and bills tend to be integral to all trading or commercial businesses. There are several complications that arise in the wake of processing orders and preparing bills related to packaging, dispatching, maintaining logistical consistency, and collecting payments which the sales, finance, and management teams have to confront daily.

Multimo POS app can help you out with order processing, invoicing, billing, collection and inventory management, regardless of the nature of your business, thanks to the system’s flexible billing and order management module. The system’s order supervision and billing modules have been designed so innovatively that the platform can efficiently handle any kind of order processing, billing, invoice reporting, collection reporting, and inventory job. The app taps the effectiveness of CRM and ERP tools by integrating them so as to enable you to customize, streamline, and expedite your processing and/or billing jobs

 Outstanding features of order management and billing modules

 Multimo is a handheld device-based app that can be speedily downloaded on your Android or iOS gadget for completing all sundry tasks pertaining to preparation and processing of sales orders, billing, invoicing, and payment collection. The system’s design and structure will be supremely suitable for wholesalers, distributors, servicers, repairers, import/export firms, academic institutions, builders, architects, small-scale manufacturers, and many other establishments. Following are some of the salient features of the order management and billing modules of Multimo:-

  • Creating purchase and sales orders for goods/services in multiple currencies
  • Monitoring purchases or sales by budgeting
  • Preparing drop shipping purchase order following the receipt of sales order
  • Auto management and adjustment of reports and budgets
  • Automatic receiving of orders as well as bill generation
  • Auto tracking of outstanding payments
  • Shipment of all processed orders either at once or splitting the same
  • Receive, process, pack, ship, and trace orders
  • Processing order cancellations and handling returns
  • Single click preparation of sales orders
  • Single click generation of invoices from quotations
  • Order fulfillment
  • Tracking original quotation by sourcing sales order
  • Automatic entry of credited payments
  • Configuration for setting approvals at multiple levels
  • Approval of orders through emails
  • Monitoring enquiries from prospective buyers and customers
  • Assessing bids or quotations from suppliers
  • Item bunching
  • Auto alerts for remaining stock of items
  • Auto linking items with purchase or sales orders
  • Shifting items to, from and between warehouses

Tangible benefits that different types of businesses and commercial outfits can reap

  • Can handle almost countless users simultaneously
  • Customization of email, tax setup, shipping mechanisms, and payment terms as per individual needs and preferences
  • Upward scalability
  • Compatible for integrating with third-party apps
  • Easy enabling and disabling of modules
  • Consistent backing up of data for ensuring complete security of sensitive information
  • Processing in multiple currencies
  • Set up with multiple warehouses
Customized Solutions For Inventory & Stock Management

Regardless of whether you are running a trading firm or a retail outlet, having an interactive POS platform effectively linked with your stock or inventory module is extremely crucial for the growth and development of business. Multimo POS happens to be one of the most resourceful cloud-based point-of-sale systems that can go a long way in ensuring that you deal with inventory management almost effortlessly and maintain your enterprise’s competitiveness. This POS app which is easily downloadable and configurable also functions as a standalone platform enabling you to customize all your stock or inventory as well as sundry back-office tasks.

Multimo is perfectly customizable for any stock or inventory management task

Once you install this app, you’ll be conveniently to handle all or any inventory management task including but not limited to loading inventory and tracking inventory. With Multimo, you can manage your entire inventory bundle comprising stock in hand or running stock, stock in process, raw materials, finished goods stocked in warehouse, and everything else that can be grouped under inventory. Multimo is a fully integrated platform that allows all kinds of retailers and merchandisers, including e-commerce trading portals to supervise online and in-store stocks, view all orders at a glance, and review multichannel sales figures.

The POS app also lets users owning and operating multiple outlets to keep track of inventory across all addresses and smartphone compatibility permits syncing stock for facilitating sales from any store through the phone. You can develop, track and accord serial numbers to inventoried items and also carry out product variations relating to material, size or color via a template.   

 Key features of Multimo POS as an inventory and stock management app

  • Track inventory and sales using automated reporting
  • Review profits, revenues, and sales from time to time
  • Integrate all orders for purchases, sales, and goods movement into a single report
  • Process delayed payment orders, work orders, and specialized orders
  • Bundling of materials in terms of category or classification
  • Add, edit or import CSV (comma separated value) items from external sources
  • Customized settings for receiving alerts when stocks or inventory are about to get depleted
  • Itemized tracking for sourcing items placed racks or passages
  • Monitoring expiry dates of items and goods
  • Reviewing the items that have been lying unsold for too long or are about to expire
  • Embossing barcode levels and stickers
  • Convenient supervision of customization through plug-ins
  • Creating and configuration of plug-ins on a made to order basis  

      Why should retail outlets and small businesses opt for Multimo POS?

  • Time to time auto upgrades
  • Managing inventory offline
  • Changing bill and reporting formats on request
  • Across-the-board compatibility: Multimo can be downloaded on all handheld devices running on Android or iOS
  • Customizable according to the specific needs of the user
  • Incentives for hardware/software resellers and marketers that are willing to include this app in their saleable packages
  • Users receive notifications of outstanding payments of customers via email or SMS alerts
Safe And Secure

A technology is yet to be developed that is infallible and foolproof in all respects which implies that a machine, system or process no matter how advanced it might be is subject to malfunctioning or sabotaging by unscrupulous elements. Take the various mobile based POS apps that are extensively being used nowadays for processing sales orders, conducting transactions, managing inventories, and preparing accounting reports, for instance. Even the most versatile and sophisticated of mobile apps are not without security flaws.

If a recent report by Trend Micro is to be believed, hackers and cybercriminals will next focus on POS platforms for carrying out malware and ransonware attacks. In this context, it would not be out of place to mention that POS services have emerged as major gateways for processing merchant/merchandise payments. In order to deal with the new-fangled security threats, hardware manufacturers and software/apps developers secure their wares with robust security functionalities and features.

Nevertheless, these security layers which are device-oriented are simply not sufficient to neutralize or ward off cyber-attacks and hacking. Multimo POS app which provides across-the-board value-added services is fast catching up with different categories of retailers and customers. One good reason why this app is fast rising in popularity with every passing day is because the system is stationed on servers that have several layers of SSL encryptions.

The highly developed and complex security rings encircling the Multimo POS imply that each and every transaction conducted on its platform enjoys near fail-safe security.    

Common mPOS security concerns & issues that Multimo developers have dealt with

The increasing numbers of transactions that are carried out at innumerable mobile POS applications on a daily basis lure the cybercriminals and unethical hackers into attempting to breach the security wall of the systems. These cybercriminals will desperately try to break into the system by hook or by crook, via illegal access, hacking the backend or introducing a smartphone malware, and so on.

The rewards of successfully hacking a POS system are gargantuan and so are the risks associated with failure. Just imagine the scenario where a hacker elbows his way through a POS platform and is able to lay his hands on countless of credit and/or debit cards for fraudulent use. The resulting losses caused to customers and retailers are simply incalculable, not to mention the legal implications on the latter, arising out of the discrepancy.

  • Gaining access to POS applications fraudulently
  • Injecting malware, viruses, Trojans, spyware, and worms for stealing sensitive information
  • Raiding the server side by launching cyberattacks

Unique and effective security features of Multimo POS app

  • Multimo makes use of a semi-integrated payments system where all information pertaining to payments and sensitive data are archived separately from the apps
  • Clients are strictly recommended to use credit or debit cards that comply with global EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) standards
  • Point-to-point encryption algorithms starting from the POS platform and right up to the server for disguising and securing payment as well as all payment-related information

Generating tokens for concealing smart card data where all info related to payments is kept out of the protocol

Manage Multiple Retail Stores Or Business Locations

POS or point-of-sale apps that can be effortlessly downloaded on a range of handheld or tabletop devices are all the rage now. Almost all businesses, big or small that are into manufacturing, retailing or servicing and operate an e-commerce portal, besides managing brick-and-mortar outlet use a POS system for conducting a range of operations. However, all the POS systems or software applications are not created equal; a point-of-sale platform that can be easily integrated with a pop-up store may not be suitable for a fast-food joint or restaurant.  

To put it simply, a great majority of the POS apps that are trending nowadays are usually geared for working perfectly with specific types of businesses. So, when it comes to choosing a POS module for your business, make sure to go for one that has been designed exclusively for your nature of trade. In this respect, if you own and operate a chain of retail garment stores, it is recommended that you opt for a POS system that lets supervise multiple functions like marketing, sales, customer services, order processing, generating invoices, and inventory management.

Multimo POS system is a popular point-of-sale platform that is appropriate for both standalone retail outlets as well as enterprises having a chain of stores when it comes to accomplishing the aforementioned functions smoothly.  

Multimo is ideal for retail establishments with multiple branches or stores locations

Multimo is a cloud based POS apparatus that allows you to efficiently manage a single outlet or location as well as multiple addresses at the same time and in a completely secure manner. This POS software can help you out with managing a store or stores in the following ways:-

  • You are always on cloud nine
  • Compatible with all Android based handheld or tabletop devices
  • Online retail of items from physical stores
  • Single-click updates for your stores and backend operations
  • Centralized updating of products and prices for all locations
  • A single folder for all your customers for crosschecking details
  • Sync inventory from all outlets for transferring stocks inter alia
  • Keep an eye on results from one point
  • Add and manage extra outlets       

Salient benefits of the Multimo POS app

  • Carry out transactions in all the major world currencies
  • Print barcode labels and stickers
  • Handle taxes and duties of products as applicable in different countries while you are listing the items or when preparing the invoice
  • Manage all billing and invoicing tasks for all stores
  • Track returned goods and disburse refunds